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Golden-shouldered Parrot
              Psephotus chrysopterygius
Th Golden-shouldered Parrot or Alwal or GS, for short, is Endemic & Endangered in the wild in Far North Queensland. Occasionally confused with the Hooded Parrot,  Psephotus dissimilis from the Northern Territory. Both are called 'Antbed Parrots' as both species nest in Termite Mounds. Once seen in comparison they are easily  identifiable with the GS showing yellow/white feathering over the cere, a mohican style over the head & the orange underside markings extending further from the vent, up the belly. This is in both Cock & Hen. Sexing is easy in the nest from first feathering.

We NO Longer Keep this Species

Quaker or Monk Parrot
               Myiopsitta monachus

We NO Longer Keep this Species

BURU Red Lory

Eos bornea cyanonothus

As much as the nominate sub-species is a great bird( the Moluccan, which we have bred) the Buru seems calmer, yet more playful in the aviary. The visual differences are very clear once you see them together. The Buru (140g) is 15/20% smaller & from the shoulders down, are a darker, more blood red. The young Buru do not have the soft blue ear patch of the young Moluccan. As the name suggests this sub-species come from Buru Isl. which is the third largest island within Maluku ( ex Moluccans) Islands of Indonesia. It lies between the Banda Sea to the south and Seram Sea to the north, west of Ambon and Seram islands.

Green-tailed or Yellow-bibbed Lory

Lorious chlorocercus


One of the most active, playful Lories we have kept.  Being in the Lorius family the Green-tails (170/200g) are related to, but not part of  the larger (230g) Black-cap  sub-species. Green-tails are from Guadalcanal, Malaita & San Cristobal Island, in the southern Solomon Islands

on the Perch
Cobalt - D Turquiose & d Green
Cobalt Pr. - D Turq.
poss Cobalt Greywing Hen
poss. Cobalt Greywing Hen
Mauve Cock - DD Turq & Lutino Hen
Cobalt - D Turq
Lutino, Cremino & D Green
Lutino & D Green
Cobalt - D Turq
Turquiose or Par Blue
Lutino Hen
Dark Factor male
3 Linnies
6 Linnies
Cobalt  -  D Turquiose
Lineolated Parrakeet
Bolborhynchus lineola

An interesting small bird ( 50g & 14cm), aka Catherines Parakeet or Linny for short. Home range is vast from Southern Mexico, Panama, Venezuela to Peru & Bolivia. Bolborhynchus meaning thick billed & lineola meaning lined or barred. One of the biggest character parrots in a small frame.

Red front 2
4-9-16 (27)
4-9-16 (9)
4-9-16 (1)
African Red-bellied Parrot
      Poicephalus rufiventris

Somalia and S and E Ethiopia south to NE Tanzania.

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