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               Calcium & Mineral Crumble Cakes and Grit    

These cakes 'crumble' easily to allow access to the Natural Trace Elements & minerals, particularly Calcium. This also allows them to be distributed between multiple aviaries.  The product does not degrade easily, unless it gets wet, and can be left in the aviary for your birds to use when required.
Flite Aviaries NQ have these available to their birds year-round.

Calcium_Cake - Copy.gif
Calcium Cake box - Copy.gif

Calcium Cake 

Calcium is important for most things living, especially egg-laying animals.  It has an important role in protecting the developing embryo of birds, ie. formation of the egg shell. Too little Calcium may exhaust the hen's body of this material, allowing soft & deformed eggs, possible 'egg binding' & weakened skeletal structure of both hen & chick.

These cakes contain up to 7 different types of Calcium, bound in Health enriching Clay.

            500g blocks - single $9.0o each

            or(special order) in boxes of 28 for $215.oo

Mineral Block

Mineral and Trace Element Supplement for your pigeons, pet or aviary birds.  Combined with a mix of 8 palatable grits. Minerals in this block include calcium, iodine, iron, sulphur and magnesium & bound in Health enriching Clay  .  This creates a good nutritional supplement which your birds will also enjoy eating. 

            500g blocks - single $8.5o each

            or (special order)in boxes of 24 for $190.oo

Mineral Block Pigeon.gif
Mineral Block box.gif

Picking Stone

A blend of Hard and Soft Grits in a mineral base bound in Health enriching Clay

The Soft grits aid digestion while the Hard grits assist the Columbidae group (doves & pigeons) and poultry with their general health. 

            500g blocks - single $8.00 each                                                        or(special order) in boxes of 24 for $190.oo

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