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Crop Needles & Silicone Teats

Crop Needles - For use ( in experienced hands) with Birds & Reptiles for:

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~Emergency Feeding

~Emergency Medication


             # 8      $30.oo      Large Cockatoos & Pigeons

             #10     $26.oo      Galah

             #12     $22.oo      Polytelis & Rosellas

             #14     $20.oo      Pyrrhura Conures & Cockatiels

             #16     $20.oo      Neophema & Budgerigar

             #18     $20.oo      Finch & Canary


These multi layer SILICONE Teats are Australian made & outlast Latex 10 to 1.

These are Soft & Flexible & great to use if you're uncertain of Crop Needling

These are made in a Huge selection of sizes, with Wildlife in mind, which we can 'get in'.

Currently we only stock the smallest, which I have used on Finches, Pacific Parrotlets & Lineolated Parakeets


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Fn Teat.jpg
Fn Teats.jpg

Plexiglass, Silicone 'O' ring Syringes

Silicone 'O' ring, Plexglass Syringes in 10 & 20ml, 30ml & 50ml. Can be dismantled for ultimate Cleaning in Clinikill. Comes with spare 'O' ring & Luer seal

  10ml     -     $20.oo

  20ml     -     $24.oo

  30ml     -     $28.oo

  50ml     -     $32.oo

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