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Hygiene, Medicinal & Wormers

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Bird Wash

Developed specifically for caged and aviary birds. A blend of salts, natural herb oils and herbs, making it antiseptic and an aid in feather conditioning. Regular use will assist in maintenance of skin health and lustrous plumage. 

Can also be used to spray perches, nest bowls and nesting boxes to help repel mites and lice without the use of chemicals.

          700 g     $27.5o

Diatomaceous Natural Earth

0.9 kg container(food grade) & 2kg Coarse Aviary Grade .
• Diatoms are a naturally occurring product that reduces infestations of internal and external parasites, such as worms, lice, mites and ticks.
• May be spread on stored seed to eliminate grain moth infestation.
• Improves health and bone density.
• Suitable for all bird species.
• May be fed with grit mixture, softfood, or used simply as a dust bath.

                  900gm Fine              $27.oo

                       2kg  Coarse         $36.oo

AMPROLIUM 200 Soluble Coccidiosis

Prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis for all birds

                100g            $28.oo

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