Flite Aviaries NQ


      Flite Aviaries NQ is the private, non-commercial aviculture hobby of Kel Biddle, owner of    Flite-n-Flock Avian Health Products.

     Member of  the Thuringowa Bird Club Inc.  &  Parrot Society of Australia.  & Animal Care Australia.

     My first pair of Green Indian Ringnecks were acquired in 1984, whilst living in Airlie Beach, North Queensland

     My first real & serious success was with the lovely  Blue Cinnamon Cockatiel over 25 years ago.  Since then I have kept numerous Australian & Exotic species and had success with breeding most of them. 

     My current favourites are the

Lineolated ParakeetsBolborhynchus lineola,              

RED Lory Buru sub-species; Eos b. cyanonothus , 

Green-tailed or Yellow-bibbed Lory; Lorius chlorocercus,

with having recently acquired a pr. of

African Red-bellied ParrotsPoicephalus rufiventris 

and the Iconic Australian Native - the

Double-eyed Fig Parrot : Cyclopsitta diophthalma.


              Some Licenses may be required for the Keeping or Transfer of certain Species.

        State regulations/restrictions may apply on certain Species & we are unable to EXPORT.            Qld  Specialised License Holder.


      My philosophy is to always put the needs of the bird paramount.  I provide the best nutrition, I feel is widely available.  I am a firm believer in the fact that you need to monitor your birds closely, ie watch and learn.

     We do grow a number of seeding grasses along with Ceylonese Spinach (Basella), Okra & Passionfruit for our flock. Other fruits & vegetables are served when seasonally available. 

     All species are fed on appropriate Vetafarm Pellets & Foods. We have been using these for  well over 25yrs.


                        Low Iron Diets are constantly under research for our Lories & other Frugivores.      We have drawn up a list of Fruits & Vegetables , now extended with some Seeds,Grains & Nuts, with content of Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Vitamin K, colour coded for quick reference, along with Calcium, Amino Acid/Protein, Total Carbohydrates & Total Fats.

                         Sprouted Seeds are extremely important during breeding.

     Breeding is not simply having birds mating, but to produce strong, healthy, true to form chicks/birds on 'the perch'. 

     ALL BIRDS offered for Sale are BRED & Raised by Flite Aviaries NQ, (parent or hand raised) unless otherwise stated.

     Obviously, most species are 'Seasonal Breeders' so availability changes, you may wish to register your interest in a species with us for future acquisition.

         Where possible birds bred by us are S/S  Closed Rung & DNA'd supplied

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