Available    Seasonally

Prices do NOT include Freight

Birds come with all necessary paperwork, are Fully Weaned & Independent, DNA'd (where needed) & Rung (usually S/S)

WANTED  2 x Buru Mature Cockbirds

Eos b. cyanonothus ( not Moluccans or Cross's)

WANTED   1 x Fig Parrot Cockbird around 12mths old


Cyclopsitta diophthalma   Double-eyed Fig

Pacific Parrotlets

Forpus coelestis

1 x Un-related Yng Prs.

Blue Cocks to Am White Hens $250 Pr. + spare Blue Cock (related to Hens Birds) $150   

Major Mitchell's Cockatoos sub-species Cacatua l.leadbeateri

As the nominate sub-species this is a great bird & an Australian icon.

August/Sept Hatch 2019


  2019 August Cockbird     Sold

  2019 August Hen              Sold

             2019 August Cockbird      Sold             2019 Sept Cockbird           Sold

    Green-tailed or Yellow-bibbed                               Lory

Lorius chlorocerus

One of the most active, playful Lories we have kept.  Being in the Lorius family the Green-tails (170/200g) are related to, but not part of  the larger (230g) Black-cap  sub-species. Green-tails are from Guadalcanal, Malaita & San Cristobal Island, in the southern Solomon Islands

Cock Closed S/S Rung, DNA Cards 

& Confirmation Doco.

Images of Male's Parents

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